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Disagreements arise between businesses and within them, too. Businesses may come to an impasse over myriad issues. Internally, employees may disagree with each other or their employer. It happens. But disputes and disagreements do not have to go on interminably, or become a lawsuit.


Not with MLG as a mediator or arbitrator.


As mediators we never lose sight of the objective: to help you reach a resolution. We balance the interests of both parties to help you overcome any impasse.


What is mediation?


In this approach, an impartial person (mediator) helps the parties reach a mutually satisfactory settlement of their dispute. The mediator facilitates communication and assists the parties in striving to reach a win-win resolution. (Parties involved in the dispute may choose to utilize MLG for mediation, even if another dispute resolution agency is named in an existing contract.)


Why choose mediation?


Mediation offers both parties a number of significant benefits.


  • Control: Since all parties must agree on any resolution, each one retains control over any settlement. When a dispute goes to court or into arbitration, a judge, jury or arbitrator imposes a decision on the parties. Through mediation, those involved may negotiate a solution beneficial to all.


  • Savings: Unlike lawsuits—which may take several years to come to trial, creating substantial legal fees—mediation allows conflicting parties to move towards a resolution faster, offering significant savings in time and money.


  • Creativity: – An MLG mediator may guide conflicting parties towards alternative solutions they may not have considered on their own.




As arbitrators, MLG is impartial and unbiased. We listen and consider the facts as presented to provide a ruling that is practical and legally sound.


What is arbitration?


In this approach, a neutral third party (arbitrator) serves as a private judge—hearing evidence and testimony, and then rendering a decision. (Parties involved in the dispute may choose to utilize MLG in arbitration, even if another dispute resolution agency is named in an existing contract.)


Why chose arbitration?


  • Selection: Unlike in court, where the parties in dispute may not choose which judge hears the case, arbitration allows you to pick someone in which both parties have confidence. (Be assured that an MLG arbitrator will be fair, impartial and knowledgeable about the subject matter of your case.)


  • Speed: Arbitration will likely be completed much faster than a case moving through the court system. An MLG arbitrator works for the parties and their attorneys, and will be available in a timely manner, providing for a quicker conclusion.


  • Cost: An MLG arbitrator, unlike a court judge, may structure the process to minimize the cost incurred by the respective parties. An MLG arbitrator may, for instance, minimize pre-trial appearances and lengthy depositions, and has the expertise to move your case along without costly delays.


  • Privacy:  Arbitration and it's result may be kept confidential. A judicial trial is conducted in a public courtroom.



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