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We believe business goals and the law are inextricably intertwined, so MLG seeks to understand your business almost as well as you do. This commitment sets the stage for knowledgeable advice and a rewarding, effective relationship.


The best defense against lawsuits is to proactively address any relevant business practices before there is a dispute. At MLG, we have the insight and knowledge to help your business minimize exposure to future conflicts and advise you at every stage should a legal dispute arise.


We take the time to understand your company and your goals. We work with you to develop uniform practices and protocols, and then train your employees to execute them every day. MLG performs comprehensive audits of your organizational structure, employee roles, and departmental practices. Then we identify your risks, and offer practical, industry-specific solutions to minimize your legal exposure—a vital ingredient for success and profitability.


Our strategy:

  • Assess any patterns in the type of lawsuits and/or claims filed against your company.

  • Review any employment practices that may have led to those actions.

  • Develop protocols that are compliant with the law and practical for your company to implement and execute.

  • Train employees at all levels to follow the new practices and (for managers) understand pertinent aspects of the law. Executives are also trained to handle claims, complaints, or disputes that may arise. Other forms of training, such as progressive discipline or workplace sensitivity, may be implemented, if needed.


Not every company is the same, so each business counseling relationship is different and customizable to meet your needs.


Let us help you take a proactive approach to minimizing legal exposure and ensuring that your company is legally defensible should a lawsuit arise. You owe it to yourself, your employees, your customers—and your future.



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